Ellsworth Bicycles!

We have a wide selection of Ellsworth's amazing bicycles!Based in the small town of Ramona, California, or as they like to call it, "The Valley of the Sun," Ellsworth meticulously hand builds bikes in limited quantities for riders that demand the best money can buy. Using only the finest materials and manufacturing standards, Ellsworth is at the pinnacle of technology, value and riding enjoyment.

Ellsworth hand builds all their frames in California.The complete line of Ellsworth bikes utilizes state-of-the-art materials and design to make sure your ride is as energy-efficient, comfortable and fun as possible. And, though they made their name with mountain bikes, Ellsworth makes outstanding road machines too with cutting-edge designs, amazing rides and the latest componentry. Or if you want the ultimate all-around city bike, you've got to check those out, too.

From XC rockets to full-on downhill monsters, all Ellsworth full-suspension rides feature their Instant Center Tracking suspension design (ICT) that provides up to 100% pedaling efficiency by aligning the instant center of the linkage on the chain torque line and continually tracking it throughout the suspension's range of travel.
This all boils down to fully applying your pedaling power without wasteful brake jack or pedal bob.You'll fly on your Ellsworth mountain bike! It also means that the suspension remains fully active to keep your wheel tracking true for excellent control both climbing and descending.

Ellsworth makes outstanding bicycles because they share your passion for the great outdoors, the freedom of riding the open trail, and the exhilaration of conquering technical terrain. Plus, they back their bikes with an excellent warranty, so you know your new best friend will be reliable. Simple lines, cutting-edge designs and true passion is what sets Ellsworth bicycles apart. Those that ride, know. Swing by our store to experience the Ellsworth difference for yourself!